As a reference point to the Cockleshell Heroes, our book, ‘In War Heroes Wake’ contains not only the story of our tribute canoe expedition, but also a wealth of information on the actual daring mission, Operation Frankton. It can supply the student, enthusiast, historian, scholar, pupil, or just the plain curious with a comprehensive list of vital facts on the subject. Items such as Cockleshell canoe specifications, Heroes’ equipment, a list of their clothing worn on the operation, food rations, routes, tide details, weapons, explosives, training, individual personalities of the protagonists, the journey, attack and ultimate result, plus some background to Haslar and Sparks can all be discovered. For anyone professing a genuine interest in the Cockleshell Heroes, ‘In War Heroes Wake’ by Roger and Sandra Downton is essential reading. This book is frequently and highly recommended and therefore should not be overlooked.

Readers’ comments

“I read it with amazement and total admiration, not only for the men on that perilous operation, but also for the courage and tenacity of Roger and Sandra.”

“Once I began to read it, I was completely hooked. I hadn’t realised just what was involved, not only during the actual operation, but also for yourselves.”

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