Additional TALKS by speakers Roger and Sandra Downton

Roger and Sandra’s life long interest and practical, hands on involvement with their subjects, gives them an exclusive, unique and extreme wealth of information, knowledge, and insight into their topics and characters. They are both seasoned performers and present an entertaining, confident and engaging talk guaranteed to inspire the imagination.

1. Around The World in 80 Hours

Hear the fascinating account of Roger and Sandra Downton’s three months of 22 flights including sea planes (that’s nearly 80 hours of flying!), 3 ferries and 5,000 mile drive covering eight countries. The talk is illustrated with beautiful photographs of spectacular scenery, wildlife, ancient temples and culture. Each country has different people and customs. The couple had a dramatic river rescue and Sandra fulfilled her dreams of snorkelling with wild dolphins, cantering along the beach alongside massive sand dunes, and landing on the snow at the top of a glacier. Adventures and anecdotes abound!


Post Talk Comments

Dear Sandra

Thanks to you and Roger for coming to speak to us on Monday evening and for presenting such an enjoyable travelogue of your epic adventure round the world. You left us all feeling inspired to pack our bags and go in search of warmer climes! Your photos are wonderful and really give a broad picture of the exciting times and experiences you must have had in so many countries and continents. A real dream come true. Thank you for sharing it with us.

All good wishes.

Carrie Kaye
Everton Ladies Evening Group (LEGS)

Hello Sandra,

Many thanks for coming to talk to us on Monday - it was lovely to meet you both. We thought your talk - and beautiful projected photos - was excellent and we know everyone had a most enjoyable evening. We're sure many went home wishing they could follow in your footsteps and head off for their own worldwide adventures. We had our largest audience so far this year - we hope you didn't feel too hemmed in!

With kindest regards,

Sandra Abbott
for The Trustees,
Child Okeford Centre for Care and Learning


2. History and Magical Demonstration of Egyptian Dance

‘Yasmin Asar’ presents a dynamic, absorbing, amusing, and enlightening talk that stimulates the imagination as it unfolds to reveal the origins and development of Egyptian Belly Dancing. Yasmin eloquently explains the history of the dance from its conception in the ancient times of the pharaohs, its place in society, symbolism, sensuality, folkloric traditions, and the involvement of men in the dance. Discover how the costume has evolved through history until the present day with its glittering and ostentatious cabaret styles influenced by Hollywood. Each section of her talk is wonderfully complimented by stirring music and an enthralling, colourful dance routine that captures the mood, and is occasionally punctuated with mystic Comedy Magic from the inimitable, international cabaret artiste, ‘Tony Risotto’. At the conclusion, the audience may be invited to take a scarf and have a go for themselves, with a little basic tuition from Yasmin ….. a good giggle for the onlookers!

Yasmin is one of the most elegant and skilled exponents of traditional Egyptian Belly Dancing having taught and performed worldwide. Great entertainment and a riveting visually embellished talk.


Post Talk Comments

Dear Sandra

A great big thank you for a wonderful evening. We were all enthralled with your dancing, the music and the costumes. The history was fascinating and put many myths about the dancing into context and truth. It was also great to have the opportunity to have a try; it just goes to show how difficult it is to move some parts of your body!!

With very many thanks from us all.

Katherine Leeks
Holy Angels Mothers Union Group

Dear Sandra and Roger

Thank you ever so much for giving us such a splendid talk (show) on Friday. As ‘seasoned performers’, I am sure you could tell how well it went down with the audience. They all went away with happiness in their voices and a spring in their steps.

Many thanks again for your time, energy, knowledge, experience and ability last Friday.

Best regards
Tony Pawley
Poole U3A Talks Organiser 

3. The Canadian Rockies and Niagara Falls

With particular emphasis on the Icefields Parkway and its tributary roads, this is the most spectacular mountain scenery in the world and our photos are stunning. Forests, turquoise lakes, glaciers, canyons, waterfalls, rushing rivers, plus, of course, grizzly and black bears in the foreground. Hear the tales of the early railway workers and the gold rush escapades. Then see one of the natural wonders of the world - the mesmeric Niagara Falls within hand’s reach. Did you know the story of a woman, her cat and a barrel? Be amazed!




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