Roger and Sandra Downton in their canoe 'Sardine'


Roger and Sandra at the Operation Frankton Memorial Pointe aux Oiseaux
Roger and Sandra take a little time out during their epic journey to Bordeaux


Roger at Cockleshell Heroes Memorial
St George de Didonne


Operation Frankton Memorial


Operation Frankton Memorial


Sardine, full ahead


Old Lighthouse at Pointe de Grave


Plaque at Pointe de Grave


Camp one, 'Crusoe Island'


Hide 2. Portes de Callonge, east bank. Spring tide meant very low ebb, therefore lots of mud!


Triumphantly, Roger and Sandra approach Pont d'Aquitaine, Bordeaux


U boat pens, Bordeaux



Sandra at Centre Jean Moulin Museum, Bordeaux


Sandra with a Cockle Mark II in the cellar at the Jean Moulin French Resistance Museum



Roger outside La Toque Blanche Hotel Restaurant, in Ruffec, where Hasler and Sparks located the French Resistance
Plaque at La Toque Blanche Restaurant, Ruffec


Plaque at La Toque Blanche Restaurant, Ruffec, showing Lt Colonel Hasler, Jean Mariuad, Yvonne Mandinaud and others of the French Resistance who aided the survivors dramatic escape


The isolated 'Marvaud' farmhouse of the Dubreuille family, close to the village of St Coutant.

Hasler and Sparks were spirited there from Ruffec,and subsequently spent forty-one anxious, claustrophobic days and nights huddled together in the farmhouse before the Resistance, organised by the formidable Mary Lindell (alias, Mairie Claire), moved them on to Lyon and through the Pyrenees to Perpignan, Barcelona, and Madrid where Major Hasler was repatriated. Sparks continued on alone to Gibraltar and was finally shipped home


The actual tiny room in the 'Marvaud' farmhouse and the specially adapted and disguised adjoining double door where Hasler and Sparks were incarcerated together for forty-one claustrophobic and intense days at the beginning of their escape


Plaque at the 'Marvaud' farmhouse


A genuine articulate 'Placing Rod' as used to attach the magnetic Limpet Mines to enemy ships in Bordeaux



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